Where to sleep in Koh Changu in the heart of the jungle

Many people after reading an article on how to arrange a vacation in Koh Changu contacted me to know where to sleep in Koh Changu so I thought it's time to tell what structure we have left

It's good to know that after I have just tried one accommodation I can not suggest the best place to sleep on the island, but I can certainly tell you what my experience was at Oasis Koh Changu and why I suggest it.

I add that I usually do not dedicate ad hoc articles to the structures in which the accommodation is, unless I have been particularly hit, and Oasis Koh Chang is one of them.

Oasis Koh Chang, dream for all

I fell in love with Oasis Koh Chang right away when I organized our home stay and asked for a place to sleep on the island through the web sites for online booking. Photos of his bungalows surrounded by a green jungle, lush vegetation, endless sunset over the sea, caused me a mixture of adventure, complete relaxation and the absence of thoughts that can only provide you with holidays on the island of Thailand. Then it was the decisive fact that there was a wooden house.

Oasis Koh Chang has three different types of bungalows that actually all resemble each other but differ for small service ranging from views (sea view, garden views or immersed in the jungle), in the presence or not in air conditioning and refrigerator. Each type has its own price range that varies depending on the low / high season, generally ranging between 500 and 1,600 Baht per bungalow per night (between 12 and 40 € per night).
We selected the Medium Type, Deluxe Garden View Bungalow
but was not available during the last night's stay, we also tried to spend Jungle Bungalow, cheaper and less equipped. 19659008] Oasis Koh Chang where to sleep "Oasis Koh Chang"

Personally for those looking for a sleeping spot in Koh Changu, but want minimal comfort I suggest you forget Jungle Bungalow which is compared to the other noisy: your sleepy night may be disturbed by the sound of animals inhabiting the surrounding jungle and the loud music that falls late in the Lonely Beach Clubs.

All facilities have private baths and one The wooden veranda where you can relax at any time of day on comfortable deck chairs or on a beautiful plateau.

As for the mosquito chapters (it's asking too many questions) our stay took place at the New Year's turn and we generally had no problems with the mosquitoes uncomfortable during the night (also because there is at least one ghetto in every bungalow that is greedy ) but when we relaxed on the porch, they were recorded.


Breakfast is not included in the room rate at extra cost at the Oasis Koh Chang restaurant and lounge. If you decide to sleep in Oasis to breakfast here on the first day … You will see that you will want to continue working here every morning the next day.

<img class = "alignnone size-full wp-image-16494" src = "http://www.diarioinviaggio.it/wp-content/uploads/2018/02/oasis-koh-chang-colazione-1 .jpg "alt =" In this large open space that is a large wooden style house sits on the low tables and sits on large pillows resting on the ground. Choose between delicious and delicious dishes (in my dreams of pancakes and yoghurt with fresh fruit and more are well-impressed) and breakfast in the silence with a view of the green jungle vegetation and silver reflections of the sea as long as the cats are in love with the coves nearby.

 Breakfast of the oasis at chang

In some evenings, the Oasis owners – the Dutch couple who moved a few years ago like many of their fellow-countrymen – are organizing open-air barbecues.


Beside the restaurant there is a spiral staircase (also from wood like most of the st Oasis hull) that leads a few meters more into what is a jewel of the complex: Wood House .

 house of the oasis koh chang

The tree house is a small circular space with seats on pillow-covered sides. From here you have a wider view of the sea and the leaves of trees, from here you can admire the beautiful sunset over the sea, perhaps drinking a drink that separates from below.

If you suffer from verticulous ascents (and go any further) from the ladder can be a little complicated, but the look and incredible peace that enjoys from there is every effort.


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Where is and how to get to Oasis Koh Chang

Oaza Koh Chang is located a few hundred meters from Lonely Beach Beach in the island area known for its nightlife and locals (Little Truzzi) They sing music until dawn.

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The easiest (and probably only) way to get to the resort is by taxi: if you come to minibuses departing from Bangkok airport and include ferry crossing from Trat, just tell the driver the name of the structure and you will stay on the main road (the only one on the island) in front of a small road leading to Oasis. From there with a 300 meter uphill walk you will reach your destination.

Who I recommend sleeping in the oasis of Koh Chang and why

Who asks me for advice where I can sleep in Koh Changu I do not suggest a priori Oasis although there are many prices including cheap and clean

I recommend young couples or small groups friends, I do not recommend families with children (also because bungalows have a double bed) or mature couples. Why?

For various reasons. First of all, the location is not among the most comfortable due to the lack of capillary links on the island: a couple can comfortably rent a scooter and start off on their own, something that a family with children can not do. The latter would recommend that you stay in one of the facilities near White Sands, for example.

I do not recommend this structure to those who are accustomed to all places of rest, here added value is just experience proximity to nature, the fact of sleeping in a wooden shell in the middle of the jungle: although all basic services are present there is no exaggeration .

Know that on the island there are many other modern amenities with pools and private beach pools: my advice is to choose one that reflects your needs and your travel idea. As far as I'm concerned, I'd like to come back to Koh Chang again! Oasis koh chang ” width=”800″ height=”1000″ />

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