What to do in Lampedusa: 6 different ways to enjoy the sea

Looking at the pictures of my vacation in Lampedusa I felt the sun's heat on the skin on the skin and like a movie I went through all the wonderful experiences I did, the kind people I met and I thought that after so much the time had come to put black on white all these memories giving some advice on what to do in Lampedusa without ever losing sight of the sea

What to do during a vacation in Lampedusa

Lampedusa is a small island surrounded by a marvelous sea, besides, even though it seems (and is) so far away from Italy, we must remember that it is always Sicily so let's prepare ourselves to find an 'incredible welcome' a delicious and abundant cuisine . That's why the question "what to do in Lampedusa" would definitely answer: enjoy the sea in all its forms and eat so much and well.

My suggestions in this article will focus above all on everything that is sea, beach and incredible landscapes that the island of Lampedusa can offer, but in terms of good cooking I am referring to my article Mini guide to Lampedusa where you will also find many other practical information to organize your trip on the island.

Enjoy the beaches

It seems obvious but we can not start talking about fantastic beaches on the island: just mention the Beach of the Rabbits one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, to make any further word superfluous. However, there are other worthy beaches, most of which are located in the south of the island: visiting a different one every day of your holiday.

 Lampedusa Beach Lamp

Do diving and snorkeling

In addition to the wonderful beaches the island can boast spectacular backdrops to explore easily with mask and snorkel, or in a deeper (and deep) way with fins and cans.

If you do not know Lampedusa Linosa and Lampione are surrounded and immersed in the Protected Marine Area of ​​the Pelagie Islands a large marine park characterized by its biodiversity of marine flora and fauna, all explored.

Around the island sub schools offer day excursions to discover the backdrops, training to approach the world of diving and courses to earn PADI patents. 15] what to do in Lampedusa diving ” width=”1000″ height=”750″ />

Visit the Marine Turtle Recovery Center

Just in the perspective of preserving marine flora and fauna carried by the Reserve there is the important contribution of the WWF Retrieval Turtle and Wildlife Recovery Center . In this small center WWF volunteers perform both sensitization and retrieval of turtles and other endangered aquatic animals.

 Lampedusa Marine Reclamation Center

Lampedusa is a famous reproduction point of sea turtles : On the beach of the Rabbit Island they lay their turtle-shaped turtle eggs, which periodically (usually around July) open by generating a fleet of small tartarounds that make their mad ride to the sea.

Among the things to do in Lampedusa I recommend a visit to Turtle Group of Lampedusa to see how the volunteers work, to observe closely the turtles here in convalescence and to leave an offer to support this service [19659004]  sea turtle retrieval center lampedusa

Hiking in Cala Pulcino

In Lampedusa you can also c find the opportunity to make a trek that obviously ends on the sea, in a beautiful turquoise cove called Cala Pulcino.

Of this trekking I have already spoken to you widely here so if you need more information click on the link.

 trekking cala chick

Do you love Sicily?

Rent a mehari

One of the most fun and adventurous activities in Lampedusa is to rent a mehari and go to the discovery of the island on the four wheels with the wind between the

The mehari are small, non-roofed, colorful and plastic-looking cars : not the utmost of security but perfect to ride comfortably on the island even as a group as they lead to 5 people, even considering that Lampedusa is so small that it can not be fired with anything other than these means and scooters.

On board a mehari you can also explore the north side of the island , that with high cliffs that can only be admired from the sea if you are on a boat tour around Lampedusa.

 Mehari Lampedusa

Stop at Cape Grecale Lighthouse

The fascination of the headlights is unquestionable and even Lampedusa can boast one of its own. Cape Grecale Lighthouse is located to the north of the cliff-lined island, serving as a sight and reference point for boats sailing off Lampedusa.

This place is quiet, surrounded by a rare, pungent and almost absent vegetation, a place of introspection to get in touch with the sea and nature and let the breath of the sea and the island into itself.

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