Welcome to all – Kadampas Festival

The 2018 Summer Festival welcomes more than three thousand five hundred people from fifty-two countries

"Welcome," Kadam Bridget said beginning the evening Introduction to the Festival, & # 39; welcome to the 26th International Summer Festival & # 39;

And welcomed us, what you feel from the moment you arrive at the Manjushri Kadampa Meditation Center. The sun is shining, the smiles are outside, an inner and outer heat is everywhere. As you are greeted by old and new friends from other Kadampa events, you feel relieved by the ubiquitous kindness. This is a gentle reminder: you can open your heart entirely here. You are back at home.

Kadam Bridget gives us a quote from Venerable Geshe Kelsang from a previous festival:

"Modern people are very intelligent, but they lack something".
(What Bridget asks for? They miss?)

"They miss the Dharma."

Kadam Bridget gives us a lot of excellent advice, interspersed with quotes, personal examples and his always amusing anecdotes, about how not to miss the Dharma offered here "Listen well because you never know when this Dharma will appear in your mind … just when you need it. "

" Take the teachings as personal advice. "

" At the festival, teachings are everywhere. May everyone and everything be your teacher.

She also reminds us to take care of ourselves while we are here, take the time to digest the Dharma that we receive and just sometimes be quiet.
And, oh yes, to volunteer!

She gives us so much practical advice and concludes that we will leave the Festival "spiritually more confident."

Return to Ven Geshe-la's quote on how people miss the Dharma:

they had the opportunity to listen to the Dharma and practice it, thus avoiding wasting their precious human life and leading meaningful lives.

This is our chance right here, now. Welcome

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