Visit Hawaii: When, how and why to go there

My idea of ​​the Hawaiian Islands was always associated with a scene from the "Sword in the Rock". Do you know when Merlin Magician teleports to Honolulu?

A few years ago, watching a documentary on television, lighting came to light: I discovered that my knowledge of this archipelago that formed eight islands (from the south to the north of Hawaii called the Big Island, Maui, Kahoolawe , Lanai, Molokai, Oahu, Kauai and finally Niihau), 13,000 km from Italy, and I decided before, or I would understand the dream of visiting Hawaii.
The project happened slowly, year after year. Many people think that such a demanding journey is safer and easier to rely on professionals, but all I did was by myself and I had no problems.

Visit to Hawaii: Eight Islands, Each with Its Peculiarities

I started documenting the Internet and I discovered that each island has very different characteristics

Oahu Honolulu does not exist only (a city I did not impress high) its famous Waikiki Beach, a beach where you can enjoy the beautiful sunsets.

In fact you can spend a week without boredom: if you want to walk in the middle of nature, you will find different paths – – more or less challenging through the Diamond Head, rail (Full Krater), headlights (Makapuu Point) or waterfalls; you can see the performance of the surfers at the North Shore Beach, snorkel (not just in the famous Hanauma Bay) or visit Pearl Harbor for free. The huge open-air mall Ala Moana will impress you.

  Hawaii Sunsets

Want to see the canyon in Hawaii? Visit the island of Kauai (19459004) (canyon of Waimea). On the island, besides, you will find many chickens free to walk everywhere, even at the airport. In that sense, there would be an interesting chapter on the airports in Hawaii but I will not reveal anything … instead, besides being the most expensive among all the islands (keep in mind this for your wallet's good!) Will offer you various spectacular landscapes: you can enjoy the sunrise on the volcano Haleakalā at 3000m nm; ride the day by "road to Hani", a winding road that will stop several waterfalls, explore the beaches of black, white or red sand, swim and sit back in the car, the long-haired trees and the barbershops offering fruit and typical products. Maui is enough to move tens of kilometers and you will see how the landscape suddenly changes. The largest tourist, the hottest and most beautiful island on the island is the largest island. ” width=”563″ height=”1000″ /> incredible. Here you can see the erupting volcano of Kīlaue: a lava that descends from its slopes, a red river that flows into the ocean. The best show is at night when you are full of stars in the sky, in the absolute silence you will see this glow, there is no better example in my opinion to understand the fiery power of nature. And if that is not enough, you will find another volcano, Mauna Kea, on top of which is placed numerous telescopes, making it a very interesting astronomical observation point

  caldera volcano kilauea

Practical information for a travel organization "do it yourself" in Hawaii

A 12-hour spell allows those coming from the east to to be very early who also make Hawaii. Do not be surprised when you see them surfing at 7am. Days pass quickly and after sunset, night life is minimized.

  Parking on Waves

Choosing which islands to devote time is not easy (I wanted to see them all). I decided for Maui, Big Island and Oahu . In the program I have included many things to see and work, guided by the idea that it will be hard to get back in the future, but I enjoyed them 100% filling my eyes and heart with landscapes, sounds and colors that I never thought existed. Who's asking me, is it worth to answer me … Obviously!

  Lanai Lookout

Choosing the island is also determined by economic reasons because we know that Hawaii visit is expensive . An intercontinental flight is a voice affecting the budget since there are no direct connections from Italy, but you must make at least one station in the US or reach them across Japan.

Additionally car hire . Visiting Hawaii without renting makes it all very complicated: with the exception of Oahu, in fact, public transport is limited and you risk losing a lot of time. For to drive to Hawaii (as well as for most US states) is a sufficient Italian driving license and the roads are wide and asphalted. The only thing to keep in mind is the lack of street lighting, in fact light pollution here is reduced to a minimum and at night hundreds of stars illuminate the sky.

The third item of expenditure is accommodation and, relying on experts at tourist forums, I have decided to rent an apartment on each island, leaving the hotel

Food chapters: there are solutions for each pocket but are directed toward [19659020] Apart from being part of the travel experience, it helps to keep costs down. Do not you want to try raw fish in combination with rice (19459009), cave, pineapple and coffee? You might even dare to taste locomotion (rice with burger and fried egg) or pizza.

<img class = "alignnone size-wp-image-16419" src = "" alt = "Attractions: Even in this case it depends on what experience you want to do. Access to the beaches is free as well as most trails <img class =" alignnone size-full wp-image-16415 "src =" http: //www.diarioinviaggio .it / wp-content / uploads / 2018/01 / laura-hawaii.jpg "alt =". I bought a pass to visit three national parks in Hawaii and spent $ 30. If you decide to go on a tour – she is the one who will take you to places of various movies like Jurassic Park or the Lost TV series, helicopters, museums, or attending Hawaiian dances, and the costs obviously go up.

 tips for trips from the lava

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My advice to visit Hawaii

Make sure you have an electronic passport (19459004) (on the cover is a chip symbol) and yes Can not Travel to the United States

Request Esta (Electronic Travel Authorization System) before the Departure Date. This basic document is issued by US authorities online, with a fee charge ($ 14) payable via an Internet credit card. The process of getting it easy is even if you're not familiar with English. On this website you can find a very good explanation for getting an American visa.

Read also "Essential Travel Documents to the United States"

Book Flights & Lodging on Time . Keep in mind that the period of gratitude (from late November to the New Year and July and August) is considered to be high and a very high season so it costs more. February, May, September and October are cheaper months and those with fewer tourists, so as you happen to me, you will not be fine, you will find beaches and parks with an almost abandoned free parking lot and you can enjoy Hawaii in peace.

I can only wish a happy trip!

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