Vacation with a dog (or without) tips to leave with a light heart

Holidays on vacation are beautiful, but only those with a dog can understand the difficulties and paturties that arise when thinking about the destination of the next holiday season. The questions that many of you face are whether you decide to put your dog on vacation or decide to leave it at home.

In the first case, there are questions like: Where do I leave a dog? Is there any cousin or acquaintance who can take care of it? I'm going to retire or have a dog (but will it be trusted)?
If you have a particularly delicate dog (like mine) with difficulties in socializing with other dogs, special dietary habits, tendency to be stressed easily, things become so complicated that choosing to be with you on vacation often makes the simplest.

On the other hand, even a dog holiday organization presents many obstacles, both because of the demanding management of the dog (as educated and accustomed to traveling to an animal), and from an organizational standpoint. Finding content for pets is easier said than done, even more if you are traveling in high season and even more if you choose destinations at the sea. Even public transport trips require a certain amount of effort, then we have to consider that many places (both restaurants, shops and cultural sites) do not allow pets. Elements that add degrees of difficulty with a dog vacation.

Wanting to provoke, I would say that the effort needed to manage a dog's vacation on a vacation comparable to what is needed to manage a child, only the dogs are often not as well accepted as children. However, Nielsen's research conducted in 2017 for Corriere della Sera states that at least 7 million dogs are traveling to Italy with their owners, 30 million if we prolong the research across Europe. I understand we are enough.

To go on vacation with a dog

That's why I was thinking of collecting several places and concepts useful for those who go on vacation with the dog: a starting point for organizing

Yes on holidays, not on leaving dogs

how to find them [19659010] No, I have not yet found an on-line reservation page specializing in suggesting tailored dog structures . There may be, but I really like two or three ways to search and reserve accommodation whether or not I'm traveling by:, Airbnb and, at the end of booking, a direct place to the hotel

In the exploratory phase, I always use Booking. com or Airbnb. Using these two sources (and not just one) allows me to have more choices because very often structures on one platform are not present on the other side.

If I go on vacation with a dog when I'm looking for a webpage of applico filters: on just select "Pets Allowed" from the left column, on Airbnb, just click on "More Filters" then select "Pets Allowed" under the home rules. This allows you to exclude all pets that are not accepted by the survey.

Later, if this is a hotel, I'll visit the structure page to see if there is a section dedicated to animals is usually plus because I immediately understand whether animals are tolerated or if it is a structure that really is a dog friend (and I assure you that there is a difference).

I once decided to make a reservation and when I make a reservation I always add notes with which I go dog, the size of an animal (small, medium or large and breed) and I always try to convince the fact that my dog ​​is educated and traveled.
So if ever the structure needs to have animal problems I immediately discover and I have no unpleasant surprises when checking in, I also provide the option of organizing hotels / suites.

Have you ever thought about traveling to a dog room? My advice here!

Traveling with Dogs in Vehicles (Italy)

For those who want to go on vacation with their pets using cars other than cars, the first thing to do is consult with the shipping company, the examples I bring you mention in Italy but in any case, whether you are traveling to Italy or abroad, the General Council is always to check the a priori policy of a particular company. If we talk about trains you do not have a lot of choices: traveling with Trenitalia or Italo, both accept dogs on board but each has its own policy. Generally, in the case of small animals, they can be transported for free when driving on a trolley, and they need to carry them on a strap, carry a snout, and for them you have to pay an extra ticket, the rate of which varies depending on the company. If you plan to travel by bus to Flixbus – which now has great connections across Europe – it's good to know that animals are not allowed on board.

Airplanes : Every company has its own animal transport policy. In most cases, lower costs, for example, do not allow animals on board, but are expected by a more organized line of companies, but in a large number of cases the dog ends in waiting at ad hoc carriers. Tip to check the policies of a particular company is considered.
Personally, however, I would never take my dog ​​for vacation, if it meant taking him to the plane, I would consider him the last resort in cases of transferring residence to a new nation. Even ferries have rules for animal transport and it's good to know before buying a ticket. Some companies actually accept animals safely, and some have the surface of a ship used as a kennel where animals are left while traveling in special carriers, while others still have pets friendly cabins at a higher price.

In cities usually dogs can board the bus bus and subway provided they carry the tube and carry them to the strap.

To be fine with documents and vaccination

The basic condition for traveling with your dog is the appearance of vaccination and documents.

In reality, pets should be "in place", even if they do not deviate from home, then aspects such as microchips, recommended vaccinations (anti-rabies, filaria) to protect the health of dogs and animals and people around it .

case is dog insurance: if a dog runs away, causes accidents or hurt someone, you may have to compensate third parties, and if you have insurance, the costs will be covered.

If traveling abroad in the rest of Europe it is necessary to enter a passport on the dog and the relevant compulsory vaccination (here you will find details about a European passport).

He needs his "suitcase"

Finally, and then I stop with advice on vacation with a dog, I think he needs his "suitcase" or backpack.

The Lolan backpack includes, for example, always:

  • Her bed sometimes, otherwise a blanket, pillow or towel to sleep ("her place")
  • European passport and vaccination book
  • Her crocodile
  • 19659031] Skull (you never know when it is time to play)
  • Wet wipes (for cleaning if dirty)
  • Rainbow towel
  • His coat / raincoat if we go On a mountain in the cold [19659026] Finally, if you leave your dog at home: find the right dog guard

    It is said that the dog must necessarily come to rest, sometimes the situation does not allow or in some cases may be less stressful for all (including dogs) to stay home . Then you need to find a retirement or a puppy who takes care of it.

    In the first case, first of all, I would ask my relatives and friends to recommend reliable retirement pensions in this area. If nobody knew how to help me, I would try it online. Specifically, there are specialized platforms that have a dog database of dogs divided by region and province, for example if you want to look at site

    In some cases, the veterinarians who offer you can in any case ask your veterinarian for advice: you will surely know the pensions in the area and will advise you.

    Another option and a site that is with my family we tried in the first breed person. com, some kind of Airbnb for dogs where bidding and demand meet. Within the site you can find many private individuals who are at your disposal for dog behavior or to act as retirees, so before leaving your dog for any person, I suggest you rely on comments on the site and make a meeting to ensure that you leave your own four-way friend to a trusted person who will really take care of it

    Here are my hunting tips for (or without) peace for everyone, do you still have tips to add? I'm waiting for you to know what you think in the comments!

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