Tips for a holiday in Koh Lipe, paradise south of Thailand

When preparing for a holiday in Koh Lipe you already know that you are going to a paradise, this does not mean that the day you will be barking on the island you can still remain open-minded, ecstatic by the beauty you face : a whitewashed beach contrasting with green vegetation, turquoise water with dark blue patches where there are coral formations … You could not have imagined something so beautiful

A Koh Lipe vacation is perfect if you want to relax or dive for diving

In the morning you wake up calmly, you get a relaxed breakfast, go to the beach, shelter from the sun under a tree, or take a bath that never ends in crystalline water. You make a pennichella, read a book, look again at the sea, surprising how blue it is, another bath, you eat something on the beach, in the warmer hours you return to the hotel for a pennicchella in the shade of the room.
In the evening you walk along the sea, drink a cocktail at one of the beachfronts, walk along the central street buying souvenirs, cheap clothes, buying something to eat or drink to enjoy walking

Is not that how you imagine paradise?

It's not really all here: during the day, besides the total liking, you can also devote the snorkeling . A mask, a mouthpiece and a pair of fins are easy to swim in the low water just a few feet from the coast to the discovery of the sea world, between fish, sea urchins and limestone conformations.

If you are masked with a mask and snorkel off of the beach is not enough, in the island the snorkeling and diving trips are the ones that go for the major. For a cost of 450 to 800 Baht (10-20 Euros) for snorkeling and diving prices, one or half day excursions can be made to discover the archipelagos and islands around Koh lipe

 diving vacation koh lipe

There are no cars on the island, you can walk comfortably on foot or on top of cabs that are actually sidecar scooters.

Koh Lipe Beaches

Koh Lipe is a very small island. Its shape resembles a triangle where each side corresponds to a different beach. There are then three main beaches: Pattaya Beach Sunset Beach and Sunrise Beach each reachable from each other within a 15 minute walk. Pattaya Beach is the liveliest beach, most of the resorts, and the closest to the central street of the resort where restaurants, bars, hiking agencies, hostels, souvenir shops and massages.
The beach of Pattaya is the most beautiful, its sand is white and has the texture of the flour. You can walk barefoot (be careful not to fall into one of the many coral waves). In the evening the beach, also thanks to the proximity of the heart of the central heart of the resort, is vital with a bar where you can drink drinks directly on the sand, sitting on cushions or mats, fish restaurants, juggling

 19659005] <strong data-recalc-dims= Sunrise Beach as the name says is the beach from which to admire the rising sun. Here sand is more tending to ocher in color and less end than Pattaya in texture.

 sunrise beach Koh lipe

Sunset Beach is the wildest beach between the three, from which, on the clearest days, you will admire the best sunsets. The sand is crude, made of small pointed shells that walking on bare feet is a good business. Here the accommodations are as few as the beach services but – surely for this – the beach is among the quietest and even the least frequented, at least until the sunset time where tour groups swirling from other areas of the 'island to admire the sun that is swallowed by the sea.

 sunset beach Koh lipe

Where to sleep in Koh Lipe

There are various types of accommodation in Koh Lipe that differ by price and for services. There are all tastes, the only signal I am doing is that being the small island and the limited facilities, it is advisable to book it in advance, otherwise you risk having little choice.

During the My stay I spent overnight on Pattaya Beach at The Breeze, a simple yet functional facility with a large room overlooking the garden. Seeing my experience on the island personally I would recommend to anyone to stay on that beach because the sea and the sand are the best and because there is a wide choice of hotels and resorts.

Second, I would feel like recommend Sunrise Beach if you are looking for a nice resort that you feel you do not want to give up. In fact on this side of the island there are really nice facilities, including many sea-view bungalows. If you are online, you find a hotel that you like very much and is on this side of the island do not think twice and book it

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I just feel like giving you two tips on accommodation:

  • There are not many resorts that you have but in any case know that swimming pool is not a deciding factor for choosing the hotel: the sea is an open-air swimming pool, you do not need an artificial one.
  • If you book a bungalows pay close attention to where it is located and the type of view it has: whether it is sea view is definitely worth spending but if you do not consider it carefully if it is worth – with the same service – book it or opt for a cheaper facility

At Sunset Beach I would not recommend staying overnight, either because of the features of the beach or because I did not see particularly inviting facilities (or rather).

For those looking for a simpler accommodation mode and economica, on Walking Street there are several rental rooms and hostels that are functional and convenient to all amenities and beaches.

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Other useful info for a holiday in Koh Lipe

Dining in Koh Lipe will not be a problem: Thai cuisine is the one that goes for the bigger and since I think of the best I've ever eaten, it's a security. You eat so much fish here – as is obvious it is. Restaurants have fresh seafood pans outside which you can choose what to cook or order from among the many proposals ranging from fish to vegetarian to meat (mostly chicken).

There are also local kitchens

On the Walking Street there are several ATMs automatic dispensers from which to collect local currency (the Bahts), and also for who has cash there are also exchange offices that usually match hiking schools / agencies. If you arrive from Langkawi I would not recommend changing Baht to Malaysian exchange offices because it is not beneficial. In any case try to get on the island with at least a little Baht in your pocket as you will be required to pay 200 baht per person as entrance ticket to the marine park of which Koh Lipe

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