The Sun Festival ~ 2018 Spring Festival ~ Day 3

The morning began with the practice of Buddha Prajnaparamita Yoga. Gen Rinchung conducted a beautiful meditation, guiding us to a pure spirit of faith in Shakyamuni Buddha, visualized with the Great Mother Prajnaparamita in her heart. She encouraged us to tan in Buddha's blessings. From this simple yet profound meditation, we develop and enjoy a special experience of inner peace – a spirit so happy and so beneficial to take in the meditation break.

At the beginning of morning teaching, Gen-la Thubten said that festival would probably be known as "the festival of the sun" because there is a lot of light on the outside because of the sun which shines and there is also a lot of light inside due to receiving the blessings of Prajnaparamita's wisdom. So true!

He then gave an inspiring lecture on the importance of the preliminary practice of going for refuge and promising to accomplish the enlightenment of a Buddha. Gen-la encouraged us not to repeat the words of the refuge prayer but to develop a genuine sense of need for protection by contemplating the painful consequences of our previous non-virtuous actions.

Gen-la has also encouraged us to overcome the spirit of the island – the ignorant mind that thinks we are independent, like an island. He read about How to transform your life, "Without others, we are nothing, our feeling that we are an island, an independent and self-sufficient individual has nothing to do with reality."

This Truth is so obvious that we are looking around the festival. Wherever we look, we see kindness – people who volunteer and help in many ways, without which this festival would not be possible. Each of us depends on the help and support of our Sangha friends because we can not practice Dharma without others.

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The afternoon teaching was so endearing, punctuated with moments of laughter and precious lightings. Gen-la said that we must become professional seekers of our Spiritual Guide. He said that asking who just sincerely desired spiritual achievements allows us to receive the powerful blessings of Buddha. He explained that when the curtains are open in a house, heat and sunlight come to transform the house. In the same way, when we make faithful requests for our Spiritual Guide, the warmth and light of Buddha's wisdom fill our hearts, transforming our minds. This is essential for the success of our meditations on the perfection of wisdom

Tomorrow, we look forward to receiving teachings on the Heart Sutra.

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