The clarity of our mind

Gen-la Jampa begins his teaching on Lamrim by explaining his pre-eminent qualities and characteristics. He specifies, however, that to experience these benefits we must stop the distractions.

Quoting Venerable Geshe La, he says, "Distractions are not harmless. They are our worst enemy.

Then, in 1997, following a teaching given by Geshe-la at the Festival, Gen-la Jampa offers us a wonderful remedy. Look at our mind and recognize its clarity. By this distraction will naturally cease because they are part of the mind.

In addition, he explains how meditation on the nature of the mind will help us recognize the continuum. Through this we come to the basic Buddhist vision: "The happiness and freedom of our innumerable future lives are more important than the happiness and freedom of life." (19659003) This unique life "and therefore" we use our precious human life to prepare the happiness and freedom of our countless future lives. "

During the break, conversations are buzzing with the power of teaching, however, this is briefly interrupted when children suddenly enter the marquee restaurants with drums and dances and hold a brief parade of "World Peace." The guests all join the chorus aloud, "World Peace!"