Take Teachings to Heart ~ 2018 Spring Festival ~ Day 5

It's wonderful to see that many people have the chance to stay for retirement. Gen-la Thubten even said that it was the best part of the festival! Why is it? It is our opportunity to truly take the teachings to heart while being guided in deep meditations.

In each session we engage in the Yoga of the Great Mother Prajnaparamita, becoming more and more familiar with the preliminary practices and the main practice of self. -generation. As Gen. Devi said in the first session, repeating the practice again and again in retirement, there is much hope that this practice does not end with the festival. We can continue our practice of Dharma when we return home, unifying this wisdom with our daily activities.

Outside, we continue to bathe in the warm sunlight and inside we continue to bathe in the sun of Buddha's blessings. In the first two meditations, the Gen Devi guided us in the meditations on the practice of Guru Yoga – believing that our Spiritual Guide is an emanation of Shakyamuni Buddha. She said that this meditation is so easy and so powerful – it transforms our mind in an instant! In this way we deeply appreciate these preliminary practices.

As the day progresses, each meditation session passes. everyone's mind becomes more stable and focused. Even on the outside in good weather, quiet tranquility grows – a special experience of mental peace occurs by mixing our minds with the Dharma. We discover that this inner light of wisdom is truly the best enjoyment.

The last two meditations of the day emphasized the Tantric practice of self-generation. First, the Gen Devi guided us in the blissful meditation of deep Guru Yoga – the dissolution of Guru Buddha Shakyamuni in our heart. Through this we imagine that our body is transformed into yellow light and then dissolves in the emptiness of all phenomena. We meditated on this special experience for a time before emerging in the holy form of the Great Mother Prajnaparamita in the Pure Land of Akanishta. While maintaining this experience of ourselves as a completely pure being, the Gen Devi has given us gentle reminders of thinking, although this appearance is nothing but the emptiness of all phenomena. So beautiful.

As the 29th of every month is Protector's Day, later in the evening we engaged in a special Wishfulfilling Jewel puja. With the presidency of Gen-la Dekyong and hundreds of people gathered in the Temple, we made beautiful offerings and sincere requests to our Dharma Protector of Wisdom, Dorje Shugden. Then, everywhere you looked, you saw smiling faces, peaceful minds and good hearts. What a meaningful day we had!

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