Short hair gives it!

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We saw clearly how short this modern hair this spring – summer season 2017. I wanted to make a change I look, but I did not dare to, especially because it is very hair-raising and once I have more or less long, it's difficult to make that decision .
Honestly, one of the missing things since I went to Venezuela was to go to the hairdressing salon once or twice a week, and since it was easier to keep short hair I dared to take a step. I have to admit that when I left the hairdresser's salon I was completely disappointed because the cut did not look the same as I wanted, but I think it was more of an impression of change than something else because I was adapting the day and I am now thrilled with my hair.
If what you want is a change and looking for a look that is practical and at the same time you look modern, you will need to consider the styles I show you below:
Medium hair is a boom moment and these classic but unforgettable styles are back with strength during 2017, you can choose between style, degrees or layers, and you will also use it smooth or wavy.

This cut called Shag, which comes from garbage and in English, means "uncomfortable" is the same cut that is popularized in the 90's and is based on a layered look that to suppress hair volume and create less-made hair effects must be very thin and subtle layers.
  Pescara - Ponte del Mare
And hair that slightly outstripes the shoulder height is the perfect balance.

Bob no doubt makes a difference this season, can be worn in two ways:
  • A classic bob is a cut that goes to the height of the beard or the keys, which does not carry layers or an extra mind, and is perfect if you look cool and fashionable because it leaves your neck prominent. Ideally look smooth or with waves.
  • Long bob, longer version of the previous one, is marked with light layers that give shape and movement and subtly surpass the shoulder height. Perfect if you want to look good with the touch of sensuality. Excellent if your hair is straight, wavy or curly, because it is a tendency to look more natural.
Bob's cutouts are the basis for creating different styles that can handle perfectly flat and asymmetrical sides or half sides, you can also play with tones, it all depends on your personality.
If you have long hair, it's time to take the chance and make a change.

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