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  Rome, Basilica San Pietro "border =" 0 "src =" Romans </b> A popular saying should be turned into a "walkway to Rome" and that's literally because the best way to enjoy this beautiful city, because of the high cost of a taxi, is better not to depend on them because your budget will disappear, long lines that you will have to withstand because it is a city with chaotic traffic and how difficult it is to find a parking place, it is better not to use vehicles, (Instead, you do not have to worry about contacting a private transfer, I use them in Milan and this facilitates my staying in that city, in short, it is a comfortable service offered by the driver of the vehicle) and added that most of the streets of "Centro Storica" ​​stone, a large number of church orders, which should be at all visitors, and my main recommendation is to wear shoes Pleasantly , women forget about their heels. </div>
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Possible Itinerary
We know there are many places to visit Rome, therefore it is one of the cities with the most tourists, there are obviously many excursions with organized guides that take you around the city but if you want you can rely on the metropolis, which has two "A" orange and "B" lines representing blue color (however, is under construction C), and Crosses in the "X" form, although there are no monuments as such, will leave you very close. Do not worry about transfers, it will not be difficult because the only station you can do is "stazione di Termini". Of course, there is a list of key sites that you can not miss and that you can easily walk in one day, especially if you follow this specific order will be much easier to see everything: [PiazzadellaSpagna
  • Via Condotti (Couture Shopping Mall in Rome,
  • The Coliseum and the Imperial Forum
  • Panteon
  • Piazza Navona
  • Basilica of St. Peter
  • Basilica of St. Peter
  • 19659014] Vatican Museums
    •   Rome, Via della Conciliazione
      Rome, Via della Conciliazione
        Rome, Rome, Via della Conciliazione (Rome, Via della Conciliazione) Trevi Fountain "border =" 0 "src =" https : // BGjFybC0AX7BG3wBxoj5EgCLcB / s1600 / Rome% 2B% 25283% 2529.JPG Goods, Fontana di Trevi </td>
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      Knowing that there is no Rome I did not want to see, and like a stew I said before, it meant I had to walk, I had to find a combination that met certain standards first, which allowed me to be well presented and at the same time pleasant, and the other after I visited the place in the winter months, one of things that always worry about me is cold, so I wanted something that covered me well, because I had to stay out for a long time … Having all this clear, my choice was anchored to the white shirt with long sleeves combined with skirt, in tone that was a trend of winter, green kale, and I really like that color, and the mark Stradivarius. Another one who was anxious to wear me the right shoes, I admit I'm going through something like prey for now, but I knew it would be too embarrassing and it would be exhausted at the end of the day. I decided for a classic shoe, inspired by a man, like a mocha, who dominated the trends during the season. We've seen them with chains or edges, and the color palette is clearly dominated by neutral tones, black, brown, gray, blue and one of my favorite colors, or as we know them popularly, vinotinto, is the kind of blend between dark red and Dark Violets, I really die for this tone, I love clothes that have this color, but obviously I do not think it is very appropriate to mix it with green, and as I am a very classic woman, always choose black (laughs). What do you think of my suggestion? Let me know if you would dare to use it!
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