Our one week long itinerary in Eastern Sicily

Sicily has long been one of the goals of my wish list, especially after the holiday season in Lampedusa, which gave me the taste of cuisine, hospitality and the Sicilian sea. Finally, a few months ago, I am at least at least satisfied with this desire with a one-week travel to Eastern Sicily.

The assumption I have to make is that Sicily is very large and that all this in length and width with little time available is unimaginable because you need to decide immediately which area you want to concentrate to attract a realistic path and above all find out which airport it will land.
The two main airports of Sicily are Katania in the east and Palermo in the west: both sides inspired me a lot but in the end I made my decision (and therefore I go) to Catania. Only at this point in practice I have outlined its one-week itinerary in Eastern Sicily.

One-day itinerary in Eastern Sicily from day to day

There is a small difference between what was initially our weekly itinerary in Eastern Sicily and what actually happened in reality. In fact, our idea of ​​a tour in Sicily had to contend with the reality of the facts: it would be the weakest week ever seen in Sicily in October for years and years. Faced with infinite plucking that blocked us, forced to skip the stages and above all knocked our spirits, we made some changes on the path that pushed us out of what we planned to visit Agrigento and its valley of temples. Obviously, the thing itself is not sorry (the fact that we have to give up beautiful days at sea, yes!) But this information can be useful for adaptation and consider that if you want to provide more relaxed time with the days of moon attached it will be better "cut" some stadiums to enjoy more places to visit.

first day – Syracuse, island of Ortigia

Located in Catania, we rented a car online and started immediately to Siracusa . The choice does not stop visiting Catania was the result of tight deadlines: we want to give priority to available car locations that postpone the visit to the capital in the near future, perhaps for a city break during the weekend which is also considered

When we arrived Syracuse, we just left our luggage at the B & B, and then we went to "Isola di Ortigia that we traveled far and wide, losing sight of its streets, but especially enjoying the magical ambiance Piazza Duomo dominate the magnificent cathedral of the first church of Mary Santissima
In the fall, the palace is burned down in a light stone, and after the dusk the Piazza del Duomo, illuminated by the warm light of street lamps, attracts a special charm that conveys the whole romance and beauty of Sicily.

  Ortigia Sicily Cathedral

Where to Stay in Siracusa: I stayed in B & B Arete. I recommend you if you are traveling by car and are looking for a quiet but comfortable place. The charm lies in the fact that it is not on the island (so do not risk running into the ZTL, the unique roads and narrow streets are too narrow), yet you can easily reach Ortigia in 10-15 minutes walk. The B & B is located opposite the harbor, and right below the window there is enough free parking.

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Yesterday 2 – Neapolis Archaeological Park in Syracuse and Notte

In the first half of the day we dedicated him to visit Ortigia of the day before we arrived late in the afternoon and we did not have the chance to enjoy the city with daylight. We are not great museum lovers, and we travel rather to walk, observe and photograph while enjoying the daily life of the place, for this time we spent on the island between the Via Cavoura and Via Roma browsing the shops and photographing.

We sat at Via Cavour on a table at the Artale confectionery where we entered with Oranges and Sicilian (fried pies filled with good things like local cheese and angels, ham and cheese and other ingredients)

  Oranges in Ortigia [19659017] Shops in Ortigia   Ortigia Sicily

Much like eggs we literally went back to the B & B where we found the car and went to visit the Neapolis Archaeological Park town. Although I think we can do a lot to make the park more useful by visitors with more information boards and more care about archaeological sites, I can tell you that the Syracuse archeological park was one of the places that most touched me during the trip, which is why I think they deserve deepening which I will try to give in a second post soon, in the meantime I can only say that you do not miss the visit.

  At the end of the visit we returned to the car and headed for Noto </strong data-recalc-dims= and on our way we stopped at Fontane Bianche beach.

In the capital of Val di Noto we stayed for several days as the Idea was quietly enjoying the environment, sharing between culture, the sea and good food. It was not like that, in any case just came and left our stuff in the B & B we were exploring by discovering the beauty of a small place, countless churches with unmistakable baroque style.

  Noto Sicilia 19659002] Where to Stay in Noto: we stayed at the B & B Novecento Siciliano, to whom I absolutely dedicate the article because I had a fantastic experience. It is a three-room B & B in the center of the historic building in Noto. The atmosphere is the oldest of Sicily, and the fil-rouge structure is the filmography of the first half of the twentieth century, many are actually the movies set in Notou, who remember the black and white photographs hanging on the walls.

Day 3 – Noto, The Natural Reserve of Oasis Vendicarija, Marzamemija, Portopalo di Capopassera

Continuous rain has marked uninterrupted rain this day and the next, it did not allow us to visit the nearby Oasis of Vendicarija and beach sparers as we wanted. Therefore, we decided to visit the Notou town, which enters and exits from the church (San Francesco all 'Immacolata with a monumental staircase, San Nicolò Cathedral, the church of St. Charles Corso where we climbed the bell to admire the city from above) visit Palazzo Nicolaci di Villadorata and stopping for cannoli and almond milk in Caffé Sicilia, the most famous pastry in Noto

  Noto Sicily Cathedral   Cannolo and Noto Sicilia [19659002] For lunch we moved to Marzamemi, an ancient tone that is now modernized with sweet little restaurants overlooking the sea. This center is enchanting, so no rain could ruin the memory I have in this town. After the lunch of fish and some pictures of colored chairs and cats Marzamemi we returned to the car and arrived at Portopalo di Capopassero which unfortunately did not have great attractions, if not the sea and the beaches we did not enjoy (but do it alone!) Marzamemi Sicilia ” width=”1000″ height=”667″ />  Paranza to Marzamemi

On our way back to Pachin and many greenhouses selling homonymous dried tomatoes: if you want to bring home a souvenir, use it and stop at one of the farms. Finally, the rainy day ended with a visit to Villa del Tellaro (between oasis Vendicari and Noto), discovered Roman villas, some mosaics have been preserved.

Where to Stay in Noto: Last night we spent at B & B Novecento Siciliano

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Dan 4 – Modica and Ragusa

Turn to our weekly itinerary in eastern Sicily: these two cities Unfortunately, I would dedicate myself for at least a few days, bad weather forced us to move fast, even those cities, located between the relief of southern Sicily. Particularly Modica loved the hillside, the chocolate and the beautiful panorama I admired the bell tower of the cathedral of San Giorgio and its staircases, although it was still October framed by the blooming of the bugainvila

  Modica Sicilia   Modica

Ancient Historic Center of Ragusa is called Ibla and unfortunately I was not excited Yet, please give her a chance because I'm sure my "cold" opinion towards the city due to the circumstances.

If you have time for a week trip to East Sicily, head to Scicli . I do not have any way, but I'm sure it's an interesting center with similar features for nurses Modica and Ragusa.

Where are we in Ragusa: we stayed in the B & B Casa di Grazia. Here we also appreciate the convenience that we are just outside the historic center, but close enough to get you on foot. Among other things, B & B can count on the neighboring parking lot, very convenient if you move to your car. Day 5 – Agrigento

Out of a bad weather, we fled Val di Nota in search of the sun in the province of Agrigento, and we succeeded. If we did not find such a bad time, we would stay longer in previous destinations, and this part of the trip probably would have jumped over and returned to Catania. The positive thing is that we have seen three super interesting places: Favara, the valley of the temples and Agrigento

We came to the Agrigenta area in the morning we visited Favara Cultural Park cultural center artistic booth ideas and artists coming from all over the world to give their contribution. The goal is to give a new life to a small town in the interior, just a few miles from Agrigento, intended for aging and fertilization.

  Favara Cultural Park of Sicily   Favara Cultural Park of Sicily

From the contemporary art and innovation of Favare we moved to the ancient arts of the Temple of the Valley that we visited the afternoon. Swing to Olympus, return to the Helen Era, one of those places to visit at least once in your life. Where to sleep in Agrigento: Where to sleep in Agrigento: we stayed at the B & B Garibaldi 61 in the center of Agrigento. Great and very nice room in a historic building.

Day 6 – Scale of the Turks and Siculiana Marina

The final day devoted to the sea and the sun! In the morning we reached the beautiful Scala dei Turchi cliffs overlooking the sea which is characterized by its unique white and white colors

  Scala dei Turchi Agrigento   Scala dei Turchi Agrigento

We moved to the afternoon Siculiana Marina where we dined at the sea and then continued nature reserve of Torre Salsa . If you arrive in the reserve, you can access it in several ways, for a fee through the Torre Salsa Tourist Agency (price per person) leading to the beach or through secondary roads that are often full of ruins and little maintenance (so better leave the car and continue on foot )

At Agrigento we spent an evening in their streets and locals. Where to sleep in Agrigento: we stayed at B & B Garibaldi 61

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Dan 7 – Taormina

The last day after late afternoon we decided to end our one-week itinerary in eastern Sicily by leaving Agrigento and moving is in Catania's airport, which spent the last day in beautiful and tourist tourism. After leaving the car in one of the multipurpose parking areas in the city, we started off the streets of Taormina, visiting the Teatro Antico and the gardens of the municipal villa . Before leaving, we did not miss the final binge of sicilian flavors: arancini and gogo in Antica Rosticceria da Cristina and cannoli and Sicilian sweets due to unusualness in the Pasticceria da Roberto Laboratory .

  Taormina Sicily   Taormina Sicily   Taormina Sicily

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