My list of new 2018 purposes

  Oriana Navarro Palazzo "border =" 0 "src =" "title = "As I write from the comfort of my home, I drink a glass of tea, I want to tell you that those days that have passed the New Year were super strong, not just for the job, but for a lot of reason I was going through the bad cold that kept me in bed , and today I feel enough to write this ... The good thing about bad days is that I had plenty of time to clean my mind ... As a curse I commented for the first time that my blog became an open book, I just invent words that I move my mind, for some strange reason, today I feel so inspired that I want to share everything I feel without a lot of arrangements, or look for words that match. I know maybe this post is not the most interesting, but I assure you, if it's the most honest thing I wrote, because today it's not just a "duty to do it", but to say "I want to be". 

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Usually and although it sounds like a cliché, when a new year begins, it is always the right moment for us as individuals to make suggestions and / or intentions of what we want to achieve or accomplish during these 12 months (blessed December I know that many see it as "nonsense," but I'm sure that even "the toughest" in my mind begins to reflect, even though it deeply negates the person who is in the full exploitation of my abilities, free and voluntary here. some of my own (without a certain kind):
Be more coherent between what I mean and my actions: I do not know if it happened to them but I often do it In my head I have many ideas about the things I want, I think they do it you, I work on them and in the end, I will not do anything. For this reason, in this 2018 I hope to learn to be more organized, ie to present their ideas, to develop them and to do so not only in their minds but become tangible facts.

Improve my attitude : many times the difference between success or loss has to do with the way of designing itself. For this reason, it is necessary to face all the situations / circumstances of life with the best attitude and possible positivism. Well they say the word has power, so it's super important for each of the things we say to ourselves about respect and love for ourselves. Remember that you, more than anyone, deserve your love and affection. Look out for my fears. And at this moment I will quote the famous American writer, Eleanor Roosevelt:

We know that fear paralyzes us and prevents us from doing so, so it's important to not let them win for them. Facing with them is the only way to feel alive, to gain strength, courage, and confidence.

Help Others: I admit that one of my dreams since childhood was a successful and powerful woman, not just because it is ambitious, but because of the inexplicable need to help everyone who needs it. If I were in my hands, I would like to cure all the diseases and / or diseases in the world. Of course I understand that money is not the only way to help someone (obviously can help you in many other ways), but unfortunately, I feel that this is the cause of most of the problems of many … And although I have not had the luck to fulfill this dream yet the criteria I would like, as long as that happens, I try to help as much as my capabilities and capabilities allow. In addition, I would like to emphasize that, although I am a practicing practitioner of the verse who says that "your left hand does not know what your right hand does," I also feel it is necessary to preach with the example. If I could handle a message around the world, I would like everyone to understand how much happiness is in providing / helping.
Finally, I would not like to forgive, but first thank you and do not devote a few words to those who followed me in 2017 and beyond there for me …

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