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  Alberobello, Italy "border =" 0 "src =" Perhaps many people feel identified, I might say mostly women, but I feel that within me I am constantly struggling between the two personalities living in me. carefree girl who loves to spend all day with wrinkled hair, pajamas and faces, and on the other hand a girl who loves to go to a hairdresser, buy clothes, make-up and no doubt wants to look the best artist ... </div>
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Who will win? Actually, I think it depends a lot on the day, the mood I have, but I really enjoy both ways. I do not have a certain style, one day I can be a perfect sports girl and another lovers of the heels and purses, although it is true Today's world our looks have a lot of weight, something I can not understand is how some women work to be fully dressed all the time. It is clear to me that fashion is more than an excellent clothing combination of all elements, but I have good hair, my nails are fatal and vice versa. How I admire those who succeed! Since this is something that requires great dedication and time, I do not know if I have in the meantime tried to get the best version of me.

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Well … can you tell me that I'm vain person whose interest is focused only on appearance? I answer in the most honest way, of course you can not. In my defense I must say that each of us she has different interests, passion, disruption or whatever she wants to call, but I'm just a girl whose purpose let their ideas, their concerns (enjoy something for a long time he wanted to do, but did not dare), just combining two things he likes, fashion and writing. For this there is no script, I do not have samples to follow because I do not want to be like anybody, I do not know whether this is right or wrong, these are my emotions that speak. Where am I going to go? If this could be the door to other things I propose, I would be proud, but I do not set limits, for a moment I enjoy what I do and if all these new adventures can trigger new approaches, they will be welcomed. Locorotondo, Italy "border =" 0 "src =" JPG "title =" Locorotondo, Italy "/>
Locorotondo, Italy

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