Malo moje 2016

  Locorotondo, Italy

Year with the most varied changes in my life, yes, a phrase that is modern and could define my 2016. The journey, the movement of the earth or more specifically from the continent begins to live alone and then as a couple, university halfway through the race and start differently, that's what it was my age, I always said that the changes are good, but 2016 is over. I have the feeling that these twelve months looked like one, and that was "so-so," as we say in Venezuela, that is, from one place to another. This year I returned to Venezuela after a few months in Italy, the reason for this trip was to mostly fix some of the documents I needed I was looking forward to living in Europe, of course, to see my family. Then I left last June and lived once more in Italy. Once there, in July I traveled to Spain to finish some details, taking advantage of my trip, my boyfriend and I went to see Porto – Portugal while we were in Spain and then returned to Italy. In September I finally came to live in Spain where I am currently. As I said before, I currently live in my apartment (apartment) with my boyfriend, the whole process meant an incredible change for both, as he and I were used to living as a family, he and I in Italy with me in my country Venezuela, and since I'm in a new country where you do not have any family (except my cousins), where your friends are not close, it was quite an adventure, I think it was the toughest part, but we're generally adjusting well. As for the "worst and worst" launch of a new life in another country, I will start with the toughest side and then say what is good as well as my experience, it would be one of the most complex parts of time since I am from the tropics , I did not get used to low temperatures, not forgetting the fact that when I came here was summer and I brought pure summer clothing that is not working for me until next year and I left my winter clothes to Venezuela when I returned in February, where i can not use it, but it is so! a little backward (hahaha).

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It is most fun to see many new places in 2016, if I had to pick my favorites, I would say that Polignano a Mare, located in the Puglia area of ‚Äč‚ÄčItaly, along with Port of Portugal, was two places that stole my heart, of course, the ideal place to visit them during the summer to enjoy it completely.

My plans for the next They say it's good to consider new purposes with coming but I honestly want to allow me to be surprised by 2017, it does not mean that I will sit and wait for things to happen, even I will work for what I want but open for new things, changes and everything that has to happen. Of course, I did not want to miss the chance to predict a successful and happy life in 2017, that everything that my greatest wish for you is proposed, and of course you can follow me by reading this year.

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<td class= Campo Imperatore, Italy

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