Magic trip to Vintgar Gorge in Slovenia

Just a few miles away from Bled Lake there is a bit less known attraction, but very beautiful, recommended to those who love nature and wanderings not too demanding. This is the Gorge of the Vintgar a path in nature on footpaths and paths along the Radovna River course.

It is the Radovna River that over the centuries has carved this path with its eroding passage the mountain and creating this wonder of nature that we can admire and walk on foot today

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Vintgar Gorge in Slovenia

The Vintgar Gorge is just a few kilometers from Lake Bled, another beautiful Slovenian pearl. Walking around with it very calmly stopping often to take pictures and admire the panorama (back and forth from the starting point) takes about one hour and a half, even two. This is a simple and suitable path for all, families with small children included (maybe I would not advise to walk with the strollers, although I can tell you to have seen them.)

 vintgar throat [19659002] The path to nature is enchanting, with a first stretch that winds through mid-lying wooden walkways that offer spectacular views of the Vintgar Gorge and the Radovna River. The overwhelming colors are green – that of musk on the stones and the emerald water – the white of the surf when the river flows into cascades of various heights, but also the multiforme of the adjacent vegetation that varies depending on the changing seasons. I visited the Vintgar Gorge towards the end of October and, as you can see from the photos, trees and shrubs showed the last signs of the Slovenian fall.

 vintgar's throat

 vintgar's throat

After a first stretch along the boardwalk, the path turns into a real path that sometimes clings to the rock.

The waters are placid and crystalline with the exception of those tracts where altitudes make them momentarily tumultuous. The only sounds are those of the breaking water and of the birds chirping through the fringes covering the sloping slopes of the throat.

 vintgar's throat

 vintgar's throat

Almost arrived at the end of the path in the Vintgar Gorge passes under the large stone bridge on which the railway passes and you come across the Šum waterfall. Here is a second entry point to the Vintgar Gorge that allows those arriving from Vintgar's country to accedersituat and crossing the path in the opposite direction.

 vintgar's throat

Practical information to visit the Vintgar Gorge in Slovenia

As I said just up there, there are two access points to the Vintgar Gorge, each at each end of the throat. At each point there is a cash and information point where you can pay for the entry and eventually buy a map. We came from Podhom's entrance which was what Google Maps indicated to us by entering "Vintgar's throat" in the navigator. From what I find it is also the most convenient for those arriving by car considering that there is a fairly wide parking that seems to me missing instead to the other entrance.
The second entrance is instead located closer to the village of Vintgar to which it is linked by a path. It seems to me that this access is easier to reach if you arrive to Vintgar by train considering that the station is not far away.

 vintgar's throat

Vintgar's throat entrance costs 5 € for every adult with reductions for children, students and groups). Also, as you can see from our photos dogs are allowed.

Vintgar's throat remains closed during the winter (November / December-April) because I guess the presence of snow makes the path inaccessible and dangerous, in any case on the official website you can check out better on your visit.
We visited it in a very quiet period, probably shortly closed, so there were not many tourists, but if you want to visit your throat in the summer you know it might be much crowded.

 vintgar's throat

Last tip for the equipment. You will not be used to trekking clothes, however, be sure to wear comfortable clothing and especially sports shoes: the sneakers are fine, but if it has dropped recently better than waterproof and non-slip shoes. We did not plan to reach Vintgar's throat so I did not really have the very best outfit, but fortunately having nice weather and dry ground I could safely ride the entire route even without wearing too sporty shoes

If at the end of the walk you still want to discover the surrounding area you can reach Lake Bled, get to Ljubljana, maybe discover the Metelkova quarter, or overflow in Italy and take a walk to the Fusine Lakes.

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