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Some time ago I published a guide on Veneto's beach beaches, but living on the border with Friuli Venezia Giulia, I felt something missing: the geographical boundary forced me not to join the beach for dogs Lignano Sabbiadoro, an important Friuli resort on the border with Venetoom. The disadvantage I would now like to overcome because, regularly visiting Lignano Sabbiadoro and visiting the beach with Lola, I can say a lot about this topic.

At 8 km of shore there are 6 dog beaches in Lignano Sabbiador! [19659003] Objectively there is a good proposal for the beach for dogs in Lignano Sabbiadoro, just think that at 8 km of coastline there are today 6 points available with their four-legged friends.

added value in my opinion is that the areas for dogs in Lignan are evenly distributed along the entire beach and that the half areas are equipped with beach and the other half . This means that, depending on your taste, your needs, and maybe your area, you can easily choose a proposal for a low cost or paid but more suitable for the owner and dog. [19659005] On the map below I pointed to a place where there are pebble beaches in Lignano Sabbiadoro, and below I describe them in detail.

Legambiente Free Beach – Punta Faro, Sabbiadoro

At the northern end of Lignana there is a free beach led by volunteers Legambiente, located outside the famous red lighthouse, is spacious and in some areas towards the lagoon becomes a bit wild. Water mirror facing the beach bathing for dogs, and the bottom is low for long stretches so it is the beauty that in most cases you can play water even in small dogs or who are afraid / not able to swim because the water is very low. When the tide is at its lowest level, you can walk to the long places where the sea is usually located!

The beach is quite clean and cleaning is completely volunteered by couples who can always meet at the entrance to the beach and recognizable by the Legambiente umbrella. Like in all other places on the beach, tourists must be responsible for collecting waste and waste of their dogs.

As with all free beaches, it is possible to set up with your beach equipment (umbrellas, deck chairs, curtains for keeping animals during the hottest hours). It is not obligatory to keep your dog in the strap and therefore I would love to come here with Lola because we can have moments in complete freedom. Of course, I advise you to keep your pet under control and keep it on your belt if it is not particularly obedient or not very social with other animals or people.

No services such as sanitary facilities, showers or water taps.

Sandy beach – Punta Faro, Sabbiadoro

Among the beaches for dogs Lignano Sabbiadoro this is one with more services and better organized, was also the first equipped beach founded on the beach. Doggy Beach is located not far from the Legambiente beach and is next to Chiosco Punta Faro, always on the northern end of Sabbiadoror.

Beach Services Doggy is many: you can rent umbrellas and deck chairs or ask for closed VIP areas where you can rest under the umbrella leaving your dog free of charge, there are kiosks, pet shops, nursing, veterinary service, showers for people and animal showers, a whirlpool for adults and a swimming pool for acquaintance with water to the most terrible dogs, agility and playground for children.

Since the summer of 2018 there is a new ethnic area with large straw umbrellas, white beach towels for protection of people and animals from the sun. Some umbrellas located in this area have a fence.

Let's say if you want all the services for you and your dog at hand, this is the right place to go.

Ph, Credits Pasji Beach Lignano

  Dog Beach

Ph. credit Doggy Beach Lignano

Sunny Pet – Office 18, Sabbiadoro

Sun loungers were founded in 2017 so it is a brand new beach for dogs. It is not very large and has a limited number of umbrellas, but it has all the basic services useful for dogs and owners. Here are also classic standard sunshades or you can choose "VIP" areas that are characterized as fenced and therefore allow the owner to leave the animal.

Other services include an agility area, animal showers and the presence at certain times of the day the veterinarian is available to guests. People can instead rely on the toilets and showers of the beach n. 18 who are really attached.

Dogs and their owners can approach the sea through an ad hoc trail stretching along the umbrellas, not to hinder other tourists in a non-dog friendly area. The bathroom can be done in the adjacent watchtower in front of the free dog beach in the office 19.

  Sunshine pet dogs Lignano Sabbiadoro

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  Sunshine Lignano Sabbiadoro family dog ​​beach

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Free Dog Beach – Office 19, Sabbiadoro

This free dog beach is located next to the sunny beach. As with all the free beaches you can go here with your beach equipment and have your dog in the water mirror in front of the beach dedicated to swimming with dogs. Since there are other objects that are not received on dogs, the animals should be kept strapped on the strap so that they do not interfere with other swimmers.

Duke Beach – Close to Tagliamento, Riviera

Among those equipped, Duke Beach is the last dog beach in Lignano Sabbiadoro, not for importance but for a place on the map. In fact, it is the southernmost one, adjacent to the mouth of the Tagliamento River.

Beach lovers Duke are the same as Pluto Beach in Bibion ​​(I've called in the beach guide in Venice) to find similar services. Also here are two types of umbrellas, classical and fenced, but what's worth mentioning is enough space between the umbrella and the other. Other services include showers and showers, toilets, small shops, space for agility and veterinary service.

At Duke Beach you can reach the La Vecchia Finanza restaurant in Lignon after the first path below. ” width=”960″ height=”640″ />

beach bargain – lignano riviera (7) ” width=”960″ height=”640″ />

beach on the beach – lignano riviera 19659035] Beach of the Duke

Beach of the free dog – Foce del Tagliamento, riviera

the beach for dogs in Lignano Sabbiadoro is located at the mouth of the Tagliamento riviera. In reality, talking about the beach is not exactly as positioned with sheets in the shade of pine forests on the banks of the river, also signs indicate that this stretch is not suitable for swimming. Still, many owners choose to go here with their animals using the peace of this secluded space that gives their dogs the freedom to dive into the water to cool even during the hottest hours of the day.

There is no service in this area, but close to the "La Vecchia Finanza" restaurant, which also has an outdoor kiosk, provides you with a pleasant place to refresh or take a drink.
A small negative note, located near a pine forest, could be mosquitoes that will bother you with a day of relaxation!

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