Let others be happy – Kadampas festivals

In the wonderful morning speech, Gen-la Jampa spoke of cherishing others, of compassion and developing bodhichitta. And he continued with the theme of overcoming distraction.

"Our love for others must be reflected in the way we live our lives." In general, he said, "We can transform ordinary activities but we have to check, do we think?" I'll be happy "or do we think that others are happy?" # 39; Fun activities leave us nothing? He encouraged us to incorporate more Dharma activities into our lives, to reach a Dharma book rather than spend too much "If we cherish all living things we will naturally take care of ourselves ", we naturally wish to lead a healthy life that supports our Dharma practice.


[19659003] The Festival is the ideal place to discover both the happiness that comes from the world of the world. engage in batches of Dharma activities, as well as the power to transform ordinary activities by cherishing the Volunteering, taking responsibility for caring for others, is an essential part of the life of the Festival. Serve food or coffee, clean, cook, wash dishes, party – at Festivals, these actions are obviously done in the name of others, not just other Festival participants, but in the name of all living things to which this Festival is dedicated. The merit generated in the mind is palpable. And it's happy! As a friend said: "I just finished doing the dishes for lunch … still very fun!"



Of course, meditating together, listening to teachings, preparing offerings, cleaning the temple, quietly contemplating the Dharma in the woods or on the beach, and everywhere practicing Dharma in discussion, it becomes clear that the more we integrate Dharma activities in our lives, the more we experience joy, 39, harmony and meaning, the more we feel progress towards our goal. As stated in the object of the meditation: "If I become an Enlightened Being, I become myself the source of happiness and refuge for all living beings. For this reason, I must achieve Illumination! ยป

[19459] 19659002]

After the final teaching of Gen-la Jampa on ultimate bodhichitta, we made special prayers for the long life of our Spiritual Guide, Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso Rinpoche, and then we celebrated with Wishfulfilling Jewel in the evening. Tomorrow we start the retreat.

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