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  La Coruña, Hercules Tower
Something I did not tell you about the last end of the year, it is true that it is imagined that those dates are all gathered and eaten until you get burst, but when you are away from home things are changing … Of course, this end of 2016 was different, we were alone and we did not think about family absenteeism we decided not to have dinner but going to visit somewhere after thinking of multiple destinations, such as Madrid, Italy, Porto, Santiago … We dropped them for one and two reasons for economic reasons and for some other reason … The choice? It was Coruña for those who do not know it, the city and the municipality of Spain. Galicia's autonomous community and the capital of the province. Now I will share your experiences with you in this city, although the truth was only one day and a half. When we arrived at the site, we had a reservation at the Ibis Style hotel rated four stars, personally I think the quality was very optimistic, the facilities were very comfortable and clean, the room was spacious and comfortable but it is far away from the center of the city, that would be negative, though if you can replenish it, it is also true that the bus station that stretches across the city is very close (about 100 meters) and runs approximately every half an hour.
Expectations increased, so there were options on the tour, so we took the bus and our starting point was Plaza de Pontevedra to enter Calle Real which is a pedestrian street where you can find all types of shops and cafes. Best regards, it is an ideal tour of the center for a walk with all the quiet places.

Places you can not miss as a visitor

Of course, I will talk to you from the place I met, continuing the walk, although we did not know exactly where we are going, we ended up at Avenidi de la Marina .

which is one of the most emblematic areas of the city and is ideal for walking and taking something in one of the rooms that are there. Finally, it ends at the Plaza María Pita square which is virtually a safe place to visit because it is one of the starting points of visitors, surrounded by buildings and restaurants, one of the main points of the city. From here, our first "stopping" was Ciudad Vieja always in every place we visit, we love to visit the old town because each of them has something special and dares you a bit from the crowds and crowds of the new city. Walking down to the lower part of the city managed to reach Puerto Deportivo As Animas with Castillo de San Antón .

La Coruna, Puerto Deportivo As Animas "border =" 0 "src =" https: "La Coruña, Puerto Deportivo As Animas" /> [19659008] La Coruña "title =" La Coruña "title =" La Coruña "title =" La Coruña "title =" La Coruña "title =" La Coruña " , La Coruña, La Coruña, La Coruña, La Coruña Castillo de San Antón La Coruña, Castillo de San Antón [La Coruña]La Coruña, La Coruña, 19659011] Obviously, if you are in La Coruna, visit its largest monument, Hercules Tower, but not before enjoying the walk that takes us there, the Maritime Promenade, which is the longest in Europe (13 km) and goes from Castillo de San Antón to reach the tower virtually. There is a trail for pedestrians, bicycles, trams, roads, so it's a personal decision for each of them to make this wonderful trip, but it is true that no one is showing when the oldest roman lighthouse in the world begins to move from afar. solemn Torre Hercules . Built on the northern coast of the Coruña peninsula, on a 50-meter high hill, in 2009 it was declared a world cultural heritage, 59 meters high, and numerous legends lie among the walls. The lighthouse that has its or its sound signal serves as a reference for coastal navigation and makes it easier to enter the A Coruña harbor. I must admit that although we could not access the inner tower because the day we were closed, that was my favorite place to travel. The magnificence of this building, together with an impressive sea view, make this place a magical place.
  La Coruña, Hercules Tower
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From our experience, our experience has shown that it is "the first surprise was when the hotel receptionist said no public event for the celebration of guns was held, so if you are a party you are going to have some reservations at a local, discotheque, restaurant, since you will not find people on the street that fame, most people remain in their homes. Another interesting thing to mention is that there is very few places that are open during the night, and if they are already open, they will certainly be full of houses, and those who do not want to charge 100 pounds per person to feed you with what happened to us, for a moment we thought that we will buy you did not dine, but as a last resort and literally say the last, it was the Sushi Bar located at La Plaza María Pita, and I say the last option because they have to know that I am not amateur fish and seafood since childhood, and not as almost no of these dishes (and this is another reason they must have to visit the city so it does not suffer like me because the gastronomy of the city is more represented I went to the seafood) but Ginza Sushi Bar exceeded my expectations, the service was very good, the food was fantastic, the taste and freshness of the ingredients felt, the price was very adequate and the quality was different (except for the savings of our dinner). I'll be back without a doubt.
As a last detail, if you are like fashion styles, I must tell you that the city has the largest Mall (Mall) in Spain and the third largest in Europe, Marineda City ] so … What better way to shopping?

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