Iranian tourism: all you need to know before traveling

Travel to Iran? There will certainly be many questions and questions that you can find people near you before embarking on that flight. If you are one of those who go through this dilemma about whether to risk or less, let me tell you the "worst" thing that can happen to you as you stumble across irish courtesy . You can safely go down the street and will surely stop you from talking or "painting" with you and no doubt, something that you will hear while tiring during your trip is inevitable the question "where do you come from?"

The first thing I want to say is that the way to enter Iran is not easy, this time they required two attempts before they did. The first who ended up as a failure, trying to cross the Turko-Iranian border over the mainland from Gorbulak (from the Turkish side) to Bazargan (on the Iranian side), due to incorrect information on the necessary documentation for entry into that country by Venezuelan passports because in the past due to bilateral relations between the two countries, Venezuelan citizens no longer needed to have a valid passport (free visa) for entering the Persian territory, but in recent months laws have been amended and is currently mandatory to have an Iranian visa . To lie away, no doubt, in the days ahead of the trip, there are many insecurities, especially for us as a woman, and not, I'm not talking about the rules of clothing that must be followed (of which I'll talk to you later), that's pretty fear of violation protocol defining what is "right and wrong" within Iranian culture and that Westerners may be completely normal for us. Of course, provisions subjected to women born under the Islamic Republic of Iran are much more complex than simply "behavior" to follow, because in many cases, most of the important decisions in their lives are subject to the custody of the male family. The role that usually belongs to the father and later to the husband (who is often chosen by the family).

Public behaviors are not allowed:
Male couples can go hand in hand and maximum, expressions of love can end up embracing when he is in the public, which is quite different when he talks about courtship . For this reason, take this opportunity to clarify that I did this time with my boyfriend, but whenever we asked, we said we were married, because it is unthinkable for a couple to share this type of experience together without formalizing the relationship,
  • Avoid Squeeze hands:
At a time of greeting, if you are a woman, it is best to avoid spreading your hands while welcoming men, as this could be misunderstood. On the contrary, a simple sitting session with your head will leave you better standing. Of course, this will depend on the people you are dealing with, those who are more liberal will not be limited and will give you a hand. Something I did and served me during this trip was to let them take the initiative if they offered me my hand and I would give them.
  • The most suitable place for public transport:
your place on the bus can be confusing when you are in the Persian area. Generally speaking, men sit forward, and women (though discriminating) go back. Although I must state that I did not have such discomfort because I was always sitting by the end of my boyfriend.
What kind of clothes should I put in my suitcase?

Choosing the appropriate clothes to go to Iran can end up as if you do not document well. Especially for me this is because this journey ended up completely improvised. I originally had to travel five days to Cappadocia in Turkey to meet my boyfriend, so I only wore summer clothes like skirts, dresses and shorts (definitely not suitable for Iran) in my bag. Later we decided to continue the journey together and at that moment was the beginning of the odyssey "What do I wear?" If you do not know, Iran is the only nation in which all women, including aliens who practice Muslim religion or not, have to wear hijab (19459008) (this name refers to the dress itself as well as for the hair covering the hair ) when they are in public since puberty. In addition, the Islamic women's clothing code states that most of the body should be covered with long and loose suits, preventing the figure from being marked, even if it is very hot … So you will not only see the street of women of the Islamic world using hijab ( also uses strangers), but some carry chador, nikab or burqa that are part of a female Muslim dress. Luckily for me, before the other attempt to enter and land Tabriz (the first Iranian city we visited) we still have a long way in Turkey and it was in Kayser, another Muslim city in that country where I could equip and buy all the necessary clothes. If you are wondering if this is a tough task, it is true that I would describe it as a fun experience, starting with the language barrier, as most people from that place did not speak English (we were less Turkish) and although there were many opportunities

Hijab chador, nikab or burqa?

If you are still wondering what this is all about, then we were in this process two full days. if I was on a tour of Iran with a burse or a chador, let me disappoint you (it was too hot) why I decided to wear jeans and pants with long cardigans, yes, I'm crazy to buy similar and right, so much so a few remain unused, but for security reasons it is better to survive and not miss, otherwise they will not even let you leave the plane.

We experien

If they asked me to describe the Iranian word in three words, they are daily welcoming, friendly and curious because they want to know more about us (Westerners) than we do about them. Hospitality and friendships go hand in hand despite the fact that, in some cases, they may seem overwhelming and even unrealistic, it should be borne in mind that it is just part of their generosity towards tourists. And trust me, I do not exaggerate, so much that it is possible that people on the street who are just listening to you in any other language welcome, want to talk and photograph with you knowing that you are a foreigner, ready to help you. You happen to go shopping in some things you need and end up with a call to a traditional lunch with a local family and if you run with even more happiness (like us) you could end up glorifying many birthdays. [19659002

What to do if you do not have a visa ready?

Of course, as a citizen of any country, you can apply for a visa at an Iranian consulate and / or embassy in your country or place of residence (it would be ideal), but if you happen to be unexpected, you will not worry too you can apply for a visa at the major airports in the country when disembarking from the aircraft (the price will depend on the country you are coming from). In this case, it is important that you have a passport with at least six months of validity, a return flight ticket and a hotel reservation or a place to stay (it is important to note that in some cases this could not be done, although this is not the case). The same does not happen with land borders and that is something you have to look out for and anticipate.

  • Do not forget that in Iran tourists can not withdraw cash from ATMs or pay credit cards (foreign) unless you have an electronic bank card from a local bank.
  • Similarly, there are two currencies
Similarly, the official currency is Rial however, local residents say Take currency that was previously used, which is seized by zero. That is, 1 take up to 10 rials and, however, most cost them to indicate in the take, if you want to know price rials just add zero. Before you enter Persian culture, all you need to do at home is prejudice. Iran is a country from which many give valuable judgments (more or less as it happens to all the East and vice versa), but little knows them. And, although these two worlds meet with the notoriously marked diversity, that is exactly what makes everyone special in their own way. There is no clear reason to confuse culture with politics and it's not always good to believe in anything you think or what is said to you. Remember that everyone has a foreign criterion, but few have their own criteria and in this case, the only way to create it is through experience.

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