In my country … Venezuela

I have been honored for some time not to announce anything about your reality, say, "we treat you in healthcare," but that's something you have to dry out arrechers (unpleasantness), and inevitably you will not be faced with so much abuse living by the strengths that you have today, I especially believe that you must defend yourself with the means available today. When some stranger asks me how your situation is, I just answer, but the truth behind that little word is hiding a great shortage of medicines and food, inflating inflation, the wave of liberated crime (According to the Venezuelan Observatory of Violence, the number of murders in 2016 was 28,478) , silence in the media, as the government does not deny anyone who dared to tell the truth, just like in 2007, RCTV (one of the major national television channels) is repeating the story today by removing CNN signals in Spanish . It can not be summarized, hunger, poverty, insecurity and dreadful dictatorship are your truth. In principle, it's easy to explain the context in words, but chaos goes beyond that, when you see people spending hours and hours in order to gain a product, when you go to the hospital and ask you to take the supplies they can, because the hospitals are in a ruthless state , when for more than a year, the community of La Victoria (my hometown) is left without water and no one responds to it when most people do not have to eat because your pay does not come to you when you live with fear every day because there is overflowing of crime … When you simply have no quality of life.
Venezuela has turned you into a country where there are only two possible reactions: Hold or Leave I admire who remains, because, it takes a lot of courage to survive this catastrophe and I admire whoever goes because it takes twice as much courage to cross the border without a date of return because even though it is the center of your life, your family and friends, when you get used to normality, it becomes difficult for you to return because fear is bigger, fear of return and something to you it happens, fear you will find it worse than when you left.
I'm not a person with a lot of friends, but when I was little, I dreamed that I have friends around the world to visit them, today's become reality, not because I know people everywhere but because I do not really have Venezuela, most of my friends She was like me, fleeing from there. Venezuela you are all, a land of happy people, human warmth, awakening with guayoyo scent, coffee, beautiful Caribbean beaches, unbelievable landscapes and a large number of tourists who like to discover you, a land of friendly and valuable people and a host of other things, , "I do not know when to come" From parents with children abroad, children with their father living abroad, grandparents and grandparents without grandchildren, separated brothers and sisters, grandmother's grandparents, courtship interrupted distance … The pure broken families are what what remains in you. There is nothing less safe than telling you to leave and forget because, although a thousand miles away from you, I believe that in your part of the world there is a Venezuelan language less than you, but you are all in our heart All of you are missing out, because you do not know how difficult it is to take life outside your borders, and also those who are still there, hoping to return as before.

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