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<img alt = "Merci Handy" border = "0" src = "https://support.microsoft.com/phpBB3/AAAAAAAAxGM/zAIvI4EcFRgx9mJiKrVkY0Ib0cGQVPt7gCLcBGAs/s1600/Merci%2BHandy.JPG" title = "Merchandise Handy As surely many know that the word" Merci "comes from French and it means simply" thank you "… Let's start adding this clarification because I want to use the very same expression thanks to the brand that was generous to make me get their (I probably do not know how to read it, but they've learned to always be grateful.)
This Parisian brand was responsible for the development of body care products and especially hands (to which we focus) under a unique and entertaining concept
  • The company is managed under three main facilities, which, in particular, have impressed me with a wee and the reason why I am happy to be able to do this collaboration:
  • Inspiring perfumes
  • Ingredients chosen with love and sincerity The following formulas are sweet and cruel. After a while trying to tell them that I really loved, mostly because it was Naturally, they left my hands soft and smelly thanks to the combination of softening pearls and clean and gentle ingredients. Best of all, because of their comfortable packaging (small but effective), they can always be at your fingertips, even within your favorite cross body / bandit. Another important point is fragrances, it's just the innovation of these products, but if you're the type of person who is allergic to anything, I recommend closing this article, go to the nearest pharmacy and continue using your regular antibacterial (yes, that simpleton always). Although I'm allergic to many things, I'm happy to know and enjoy good perfumes without any problems. So far I have had the opportunity to try three of his presentations: Chérie Cherry: Cherry Chocolate
With delicious fruit perfume. New wave: the wave of love
Refreshment like water of the sea.
Hailing the Sun: The Custody of the Holiday
The scent reminds me that summer is coming close, how can I not be so happy?
Where can I buy products? If you're tired of the monotony and want to risk getting into the world full of fun and fun, you can go directly to www.mecihandy.com or visit the nearest Sephora store to find all the products.

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