Contemplate the Blue Sky ~ 2018 Spring Festival ~ Day 4

On the last day of the teachings, we received such precious liberating wisdom from Buddha's heart. With great clarity and joy, Gen-la Thubten explained step by step how it is possible to transform from an ordinary and suffering being into an enlightened being – the Great Mother Prajnaparamita.

To accomplish this, we need to realize that all the things we normally see do not exist. Gen-la encouraged us to study Venerable Geshe-la's teachings on emptiness again and again, to contemplate them deeply until we acquired this special understanding and experience.

To encourage us more, Gen-la has read of Modern Buddhism: experience, everything becomes very peaceful and comfortable, balanced and harmonious, joyful and wonderful. There is no heat, no cold, no lower, no higher, no here, no me, no self, no other, no samsara – everything is equal in the peace of emptiness. "

So to help us understand how the appearance of the pure body of Prajnaparmita is other than emptiness, Gen-la has illuminated the meaning Deep in the blue sky's analogy of the book, New Heart of Wisdom.He explained that the blue is not in the sky in the same way that a cloud is in the sky. is simply the manifestation of an empty sky – that the sky and the blue of the sky are of the same nature, but nominally distinct.Therefore, our work during the break of the afternoon is to relax and to look at the sky to improve our understanding of emptiness!

Finally, in the last teaching, Gen-la Thubten continued to explain how to integrate the four depths revealed in the Heart Sutra into our practice of self-generation. The only mind of concentration meditates simultaneously on two things: the appearance of Prajnaparamita in Akanishta Pure Land while realizing that this appearance is other than the emptiness of all phenomena.


Gen-la encouraged us to cherish this special instruction of yoga of dual non-duality and clarity . It is at the heart of Kadam Dharma and the special method by which thousands of disciples of Je Tsongkhapa attained enlightenment very quickly. We have this very precious instruction only through the kindness of our spiritual guide and founder, Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso Rinpoche. How lucky we are!

] The day ended with the first retreat guided by Gen Devi. Over the next day and a half, we will have the opportunity to deepen our understanding and experience of this extraordinary practice.

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